Corporate events

Sustaining and increasing your conference through Visual impact

How do we help with visual impact?

shot list pre-planning

A shot list prior to the event maximizes organization objectives for photography, guides photographer by event schedule, and priorities images for marketing. It helps highlight images needed for live streaming, and media usage.

Marketing Coordination

Marketing coordination supports the event mission, whether images are for promotions, online articles, and social media. One contact point creates fluid communication between Photographer and event coordinator.


Live streaming allows Tweeting quality images of a Key Note speakers, V.I.P.’S, or Political leaders. Images are coordinated with the marketing manager for social media posting during the event. Each image sent has the organization’s logo

About US

"Each event help us give back to abandon children"
Increases Retweeting through visual impact!

Photographic mission

We set many goals on being innovative. First Goal : Coordination with event marketing managers on site.

Second Goal : Contribute visually impacting images through live streaming for social media.

Third Goal : Using psychology photography to create future images for marketing next years event.

Giving Back

Giving back is part of our mission. We support non-profits like "Corazon De Vida" and "Create Purpose," that care about breaking the poverty cycle through educational programs and creating a self sustain micro-econmy for abandoned orphans.

  • Shot list

    A shot list prior to event improves 99% of communication with event coordinator

  • Live Streaming

    Live streaming images helps social media follower re-tweet increasing visual impact

  • Branding images

    Adding logos to your event images increase branding recognition

  • Image Gallery

    A single gallery for public viewing is made easy even with multiple photographers


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Founder/Photographic Coordinator
His current pursuit of a business degree from a private University is his focus. He use the psychology to create visually impacting images.

No one wants a deer in the headlights photograph, so he chooses a candid photographic style.